Polycarbonate Tiny Frosted Sheet

TIANSU with UV Frosted PC sheet
TIANSU Frosted PC sheet has excellent transmittance,reasonable design of haze,reduce the visibility of the environment,to create a good space depth.

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TIANSU with UV Frosted PC sheet

TIANSU Frosted PC sheet has excellent transmittance,reasonable design of haze,reduce the visibility of the environment,to create a good space depth.

TIANSU frosting sheet series to be possiable to provide the gentle cloudily effect,may the soft light ,use in the bath equipment,the partition and so so.

Widely used in building decoration,building lighting,partition lighting projects.

1.Lasting Beautiful Color.

Color stable.

2.Good Sound Insulation.

Roof tile composite co- extrusion core layer shielding structure can greatly reduce sound transmission.

3.Heat Preservation And Heat Insulation.

4.Excellent Anti-corrosive And Excellent Weather Resistance.

PVC roof tile can long resist acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive chemicals. It suitable for using in  corrosive workshop, acid rain-prone area and coastal area.  

5.Good Fire Resistance With Excellent Insulation And Excellent Waterproof Performance.

Belonging flame retardant material, with fire resistance tested by national authoritative departments. The roofing sheet selects highly weather-resistant resin, which is dense and

absorbing no water, with no pore penetration problem.

Polycarbonate tiny frosted sheet01


Polycarbonate resin


Clear, Opal, Lake blue, also could be custom color


1220*2440 ,2100*5800 or customized


0.8mm-20mm or other thickness




UV protection

Impact resistance:

80 times that of glass, 15 times that of acrylic sheeting

Temperature resistance range


Light weight

Only 1/12 of the weight of glass of the same thickness


5~10 years

Delivery time:

After the receipt of deposit


For many projects, transparent sheets are the first choice of architects, planners and builders. Yet in summer, heat accumulation is becoming more of an issue. This is where the new Makrolon? UV Climate Control steps in and reduces the heat build-up drastically. It can be processed without problems, it is translucent and at the same time creates a pleasant climate over a wide temperature range.

Bayer material UV Climate Control is ideally suited for all applications which would benefit from reduced heat transmission through the glazing, e.g.:

Roofing of passenger platforms, shelters and open areas

Barrel vaults and skylights

Public buildings

The advantages are:

Significantly reduced heat input

Good transparency

Excellent weather resistance

Maximum impact strength

Thermally deformable and cold bendable

Bayer material UV pc sheet ClimateControl is available in thicknesses of 2 to 12 mm and in the sizes indicated below. Other sizes and thicknesses available on request.

Colour: bronze 2855 - grey 2755 - green 2655 - blue 2555

Size: 2.050 x 1.250 mm - 3.050 x 2.050 mm - 6.110 x 2.050 mm

Lexan material pc sheet stands for a particularly hard-wearing UV-resistant sheets made from polycarbonate. Together with the outstanding impact strength of polycarbonate Lexan material pc sheet  offers comparable surface quality to glass. The high resistance to scratches and abrasion on both sides givens Lexan material pc sheet  a long service life: 10-year guarantee of unbreakability and 5-year guarantee against delamination and weathering.

The safety of the sheets Lexan material pc sheet  is certified:

For windows

For safety glazing in vehicle construction

For sight glasses in machine guards


The benefits that Lexan material pc sheet  offer are:

The sheets are extremely scratch-resistant

Pronounced soiling can be removed without any problem

Offers excellent UV resistance and resistance to chemicals products

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