Polycarbonate Four-layer Sheet

TIANSU clear Four-layer sheet have excellent light transmission and glossiness,and it will not change a lot with time goes on.

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TIANSU clear Four-layer sheet have excellent light transmission and glossiness,and it will not change a lot with time goes on.

2. Impact Strengh.

It's called "unbreakable glass". For hollow profile, it's 80 times as that of glass.

For solid sheet,its impact strengh 200 times as that of glass, 30 times as that of Acrylic.

Impact strengh of TIANSU sheet is slightly better than GOODPOLY sheet.

3. UV-PC coextrusion layer.

The surface of TIANSU sun sheet is treated with high density special anti-ultraviolet  material to ensure the stability of ultraviolet resistance.

4. Temperature  Resistance.

It's low temperature embrittlement happens in-100oC, its hot temperature softening happens in 146oC.

5. Thermal  Insulation.

The K-value of polycarbonate is 1/4 as that of glass, 1/300 as that of iron, 1/1000 as that of aluminum, 1/12000 as that of copper. It's good for heat preservation so that to save heating energy. The structure of multi-wall sheet helps a lot.

6. Energy Saving.

it's called "energy saving building material". The less the K-value is, the better result it is.  If the sheets is placed on the roof or on the window glass, keep distance 20-25mm, the result is even better. (All copyright reserved)


1) High transparency

2) UV-Protection

3) Light Weight

4) Impact Strength

5) Inhibiting Condensation

6) Thermal Insulation

7) Sound Insulation

8) Flame Resistance

9) Easy Installation

10) Enviromental Friendly


1) Sky light for building.

2) Speedway sound absorbtion screen.

3) Green house.

4) Subway exits,parking lots, rain  tents,hallway tents, bus-stops,parking lots.

5) Indoor partitions, sidewalk, balcony,etc.

6)  swim pool cover.

Features and advantage:

1. Very high impact strength

2. Excellent light transmission

3. UV protection and Anti-aging

4. Good weather resistance

5. Light weight and simply installed

6. Could be deep-processed, widely used

7. Soundproof well


Description :

PC multi wall sheet is a very good combination property engineering plastic with excellent physical , mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. That is why it also called of “transparent plastic king”. And it have many merits of good impact resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, lighting, anti-UV, fire-retardation and so on. The PC hollow sheet Widely used in public & civil construction of the lighting sunshade, passage ceiling, highway sound barrier, marketplace coping, agricultural greenhouse, plant roofing and so on, it is the most desirable sunshine roof material in the world.


Data Sheet :

1) Four wall R-structures sheet;  Thickness: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm. 

2) Standard width: 2100mm.

3) Length: Any dimension

4) Color: Clear, blue, green, opal, brown, blue green etc.

5) Customized colors and dimensions are available.

Highest strength and insulation value

16mm (0.6299") Super 5-Wall Storm Polycarbonate channels trap air between 3 walls and 2 diagonal layers to add extra strength. This the best panel to resist high winds, hail and snow loads. The extra strength is provided by 50% more internal ribs and a structural X webbing. This creates remarkable stiffness that can better resident stormy weather.

The flutes (channels) run the length of the panel.  Install panel with flutes vertical.  Panel ends should be capped or sealed with Vented Polycarbonate Tape that allows interior condensation to escape. Dimensions + or - 1/8".

Thickness = 16 mm (approx. 5/8")

Light transmission = 64%

R Value = 2.78


Also available in smaller and larger widths and lengths.

Please call 1-888-977-7659 for pricing.

Widths Available:  many up to 6 ft

Lengths Available: 2 ft  through 24 ft

Custom cuts also possible.

Large quantities: Please call for quote.

10 year limited warranty on properly installed MultiWall polycarbonate against

- premature yellowing

- a loss of more than 10% of the original light transmission

- breakage of the top layer caused by 1” hail.

- Warranty may vary with different manufacturers.

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