Polycarbonate Sheet

A kind of fashionable environmental and durable roofing material.
  • High Quality Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

    High Quality Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

    Light transmission reach 12%~96%, depending on the color and thickness. Fire resistance level can reach B1~A0. Its outstanding roughness offers greater protection against breakage during transportation, installation and usage. The impact strength is 10-27 times as much as...Read More

  • Polycarbonate Sound Barrier Solid 5mm PC Panel Roofing Sheet For Houses

    Polycarbonate Sound Barrier Solid 5mm PC Panel Roofing Sheet For Houses

    Used for skylight in residence, workshop and warehouse, swimming-pool, gymnasium, greenhouse, shed for passageway, corridor and parking.Read More

  • PC Conductive Board

    PC Conductive Board

    TIANSU PC conductive board is a special material. It is coated with surface modification layer on the front of PC plate, transparent conductive layer and PE protective film on the surface, and hardened coating on the back. It can replace glass with this kind of optical grade...Read More

  • PC Anti-static Solid Sheet

    PC Anti-static Solid Sheet

    name:PC anti-static solid sheet colour:clear width:1.22m length:2.44m thickness:0.5-3mm applied range:Widely used in the construction of clean room buildings, the shielding of clean room equipment, the separation of clean room space, clean equipment,...Read More

  • Light Guide Plate

    Light Guide Plate

    The light guide plate is made of optical grade acrylic/PC sheet, then high-tech material with extremely high reflectivity and no light absorption.Read More

  • PC UV Resistant Sheet

    PC UV Resistant Sheet

    name : PC UV resistant sheet colour : clear width : 1.22m length : 2.44m thickness : 0.5-3mm applied range : Application range: 1. Stadium/train station 2. Noise barriers for expressways, railways and urban elevated roads; 3, advertising light box panel, display card 4,...Read More

  • PC Composite Board

    PC Composite Board

    PC+PMMA composite sheet is a composite board made of PC and PMMA high-transparency plastics by co-extrusion technology, including PC layer and PMMA layer.Read More

  • PC Flame Retardant Board

    PC Flame Retardant Board

    PC flame retardant board colour:Clear width:1.22m length:2.44m thickness:0.5-3mm Applied range:lectronic device housing, lamp housing, instrument panel, printer input board, printer paper guide, power tool housing, business instrument components, etc.Read More

  • PC Light Diffusion Sheet

    PC Light Diffusion Sheet

    The PC diffusion plate is also called a diffusion polycarbonate plate, and is also called a PC light diffusion plate, a PC homogenization plate, a PC diffuse reflection plate, and the like.Read More

  • Optial Grade PC Solid Board

    Optial Grade PC Solid Board

    Widely used in optical lenses, mechanical baffles, craft gifts, home appliances windows and other related fields. Applicable to the layout of telephone booths, advertising road signs, light box advertisements, exhibitions; suitable for instruments, meters, high and low...Read More

  • UV Protected Polycarbonate Sheet

    UV Protected Polycarbonate Sheet

    UV protective Polycarbonate sheet is a high transparent thermal plastic, which have excellent comprehensive performances with physical, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. So it's known as "the king of transparent plastic". The light transmission reaches 12% to...Read More

  • Clear Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

    Clear Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

    Polycarbonates (PC) are a group of thermoplastic polymers containing carbonate groups in their chemical structures. Polycarbonates used in engineering are strong, tough materials, and some grades are optically transparenRead More

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