36 ×48 Polycarbonate Chair Mat

?Size: 36''x 48'' (91cm x 120cm)
Color: Frosted (Clear)

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Product Details

Size: 36''x 48'' (91cm x 120cm)

Color: Frosted (Clear)


The polycarbonate chair mat in quality, durability and ergonomic efficiency for home and office floor protection.

Manufactured from 100% virgin Original Polycarbonate, our chair mat range are the toughest and most durable chair mats available.

The high rigidity provides the perfect ergonomic easy glide surface for caster based chairs and with double the impact strength of PVC they are  virtually unbreakable in normal use. 

Our polycarbonate does not curl, crack, discolour, dimple or smell under normal application and will not adversely affect lacquered or varnished wooden floors.

Free of Phthalates, PVC, Tin, Lead & Cadmium and with low gas emissions, the chair mat range provides a consumer friendly solution and one that is ideal for those with allergies. 

Heat resistant to 100°C / 212?F and compatible with floor heating systems.

Produced using up to 30% renewable energy and 100% recyclable.

Smooth back for hard floor or gripper back for carpet applications.

Also available in XXL extra large formats for extended area floor protection. 

TIANSU Polycarbonate provides the ultimate in quality, clarity and durability. Provides ergonomic benefits for chair user by providing easy glide movement and reduced leg fatigue. No cracking, No curling, No dimpling, No yellowing, No smelling. Environmentally safe PVC free and free of toxic chemicals. Polycarbonate mats can be used immediately, unlike PVC there is no need to wait for the product to lie flat.

For hard floors

39" x 49"

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