Polycarbonate Lighting Roofing Sheet

1. High Impact Strength of Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet
2. Thermally Insulating Properties of Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet
3. Lexan Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet is Chemically Stable

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Product Details

Product description:

1. High Impact Strength of Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet

2. Thermally Insulating Properties of Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet

3. Lexan Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet is Chemically Stable

4. Low Flammability of Lexan Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet

5. Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet is Light Weight

6. Cleaning Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets

7.Warranted to Perform

8.Corrugated sheet is backed by a 10-year warranty against yellowing and loss of light transmission.

Applications of Polycarbonate Sheet

1. Lighting

2. Indoor windows and doors

3. Riot windows and doors

4. Display and Observe windows

5. Showing box in shop and museum

6. Advertising Panel

7. Sound barrier

8. Awning and Carport

9. Indoor partition

10.Good weather resistance


Item Polycarbonate corrugated sheet

Thickness 0.8mm-2.8mm

Overall Width 840mm

Length Produce according to customer request

UV Coating 1 side or 2 sides

Color Clear Opal Green Blue Bronze Lake-blue Yellow

Warranty 10 years

Wave height 26mm

Company Profile

Foshan TIANSU Building Materials Co.,Ltd locates in Foshan,China. We have specialized in these products for 14 years. Our products include Polycarbonate door canopy, hollow polycarbonate sheet, solid polycarbonate sheet, corrugated polycarbonate, embossed sheet. Apart from those sheets, we extend other PC material products, such as Chair mat,carport greenhouse, pc kayak etc.We have established long term business partnership with Sabic and Bayer suppliers. Certified by lSO900l:2008, We have professional and enthusiast research design team, installation team and sales team. We help you design your products, produce good quality sheets for you, purchasing goods in China, and grow up your business in your local market and so on. We provide you not only the products, but profession and future.

Top eight why choose Tiansu

Top1. More than ten years of manufacturing quality polycarbonate sheet

Top2. Advanced imported equipment

Top3. Only use high quality and new materials

Top4. 10 years quality guarantee

Top5. Products completely entered the world market

Top6. We could provide a wide range of products

Top7. Excellent geographical environment and traffic

Top8. We will not sacrifice our future for today's profit


Our Service

Q1. How about your package?

A1.Both sides with PE films, logo can be customized. Kraft paper and pallet and other requirements are available.

Q2. What is your payment term?

A2. We accept Western Union, T/T, irrevocable L/C at sight and cash.

Q3. What is your raw material for polycarbonate sheet?

A3.We adopt imported material such as Bayer, Sabic, Samsung and other famous brands.

Q4. What kind of certification do you have?

A4. We have been certified by ISO9001:2008, much reliable supplier.

Q5. How many years does your company produce PC board?

A5. Our company have more than ten years of manufacturing quality polycarbonate sheet.


Raw materials

Polycarbonate (PC)

Material/wall   thickness

0.80 mm

Specific density

1.20 g/cm3

Profile variants

sinus 76/18, trapezoid 76/18


clear, bronze

Temperature resistance

– 40 to + 120 °C


2,000 – 6,000 mm

Width/effective width

1,040 mm/970 mm

Specific heat capacity

1.30 J/ gK

Light transmission

clear approx. 90% / bronze approx. 32

UV permeability


Fire behaviour

E (according to DIN EN 13501-1)

Elongation at yield

6-8 %

Linear thermal   expansion

0.065 mm/m °C

Bending strength

93,00 Mpa


2300 Mpa

Charpy impact strength

50 KJ/m2 > 50 KJ/m

Roof pitch

min. 7°

Thermal conductivity

0.20 W /mK


factory warranty 10 years according to our warranty conditions


subject to technical changes. Data according to manufacturer’s specifications.

Made of unbreakable, extremely resilient polycarbonate, our “TIANSU plates” live up to their name: The material’s quality guarantees roofing that can handle anything, even surviving hailstorms unscathed. If you are looking for a translucent roof that meets the highest standards, choose 1.4 or 2.6 mm polycarbonate corrugated sheets from TIANSU!

Hail-proof and unbreakable: polycarbonate corrugated sheets

The basis for our “Tiansu plates”, polycarbonate is a very tough and extremely shock-resistant plastic, manufactured especially to withstand demanding conditions. Our 1.4 and 2.6 mm polycarbonate (PC) boards are break-proof, hail-proof, and easy to handle, making them a clear choice for any project with demanding requirements for hail protection. You benefit from a superior quality roof; one that is sturdy, easy to use and also highly temperature-resistant. With numerous structures and tints for light panels, Tiansu guarantees a pleasant lighting environment designed according to individual wishes.

Top quality translucent corrugated sheets

Polycarbonate translucent corrugated sheets from Tiansu combine a long service life with excellent UV protection and high transparency in a visually attractive roofing option. Tiansu sheets can be used for any number of projects: high-quality, sturdy canopies, light strips, roofing and walls, or in the design of pergolas and carports. One tip: Our PC sheets are particularly well suited to objects with strict demands on hail protection.

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