Polycarbonate H Profile for 8mm

?Size: H connector for 8mm thickness
Length: 6000mm/piece
Color: Clear

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Product Details

Size: H connector for 8mm thickness

Length: 6000mm/piece

Color: Clear


Clean and attractive –

1. No signs of silicons on the edge of the H shape plastic polycarbonate profile .

2. Reduce screws on the frame /  H shape plastic polycarbonate profile .

3. Leaves attractive image of the sheet upon installation.

4. Reduces the tightening of screws at the centre of the sheet by using round neoprene to secure the sheet from uneven surface.


UV Protection

With a layer of anti UV coated on the surface during the process of co-extrusion could prolong the lifespan of the polycarbonate sheet. Purpose of the anti UV coating is to prevent ultraviolet from shining through which could cause the sheet from turning yellowish and ends with crack. It maintains an excellent transparency surface over a period of time compare to others.

Excellent insulation, ribbed configuration of the multi-walled sheets traps air within the sheet, providing outstanding thermal insulation. Ideal for applications where specific light transmission is required. Impact strength 200 times greater than glass and 8 times greater than acrylic. 1/6 the weight of glass and 1/3 the weight of acrylic. Solar grade co-extruded layer protects the sheets against yellowing and surface wear from extended UV exposure. 100% recyclable. Maintains properties from -40°F to 248°F. Minimum bend radius is 43.75" for cold formed arches. Use 100% silicone sealant with these panels. Other colors and sizes are available upon request.

Impact strength 200 x greater than glass & 8 x greater than acrylic

1/6 the weight of glass & 1/3 the weight of acrylic

100% recyclable

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