38mm Aluminum Profile for Polycarbonate Sheet

Width: 38mm
Length: 6000mm/piece
Color: Nature color of Aluminum

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Product Details

Aluminum Profile for polycarbonate sheet

Width: 38mm

Length: 6000mm/piece

Color: Nature color of Aluminum

Should Polycarbonate Sheets always be taped on both ends?


What are fixing buttons used for?

Fixing buttons are used on polycarbonate when glazing on oversized width sheets and also to stop sheet slippage. Note: Please allow a large enough hole for expansion.

What is the lowest pitch on the self-support roof system?

5 degrees as standard, 2.5 degrees with 35mm polycarbonate.


Polycarbonate (PC) is a tough, transparent thermoplastic with excellent impact and heat resistance. Options include:

Machine Grade Polycarbonate which is used when a project required tight tolerances and heavy fabrication.

Glass Filled Polycarbonate which increases strength and stiffness.

Carbon Filled Polycarbonate which dissipates static electricity quickly and offer ESD protection.

Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate which is an alternative to bulletproof glass. Different levels of protection are available.

Acme Plastics' Polycarbonate Bullet Resistant Sheets come in 3 levels of protection as well as a variety of thicknesses and sizes. Custom cut option is available.

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