Aluminum H Profile for 8mm Polycarbonate Sheet

?Size: For 8 mm
Length: 6000mm/piece
Color: Nature color of Aluminum

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Product Details

Size: For 8 mm

Length: 6000mm/piece

Color: Nature color of Aluminum


Save Time on installation–

1. Ensure all sizes of Polycarbonate sheet and  H shape aluminum profile before installation.

2. Fit polycarbonate sheet into H shape aluminum profile .

3. Secure the profile with screws to tighten the H shape aluminum profile and polycarbonate sheet.


Clean and attractive –

1. No signs of silicons on the edge of the H shape aluminum profile .

2. Reduce screws on the frame /  H shape aluminum profile .

3. Leaves attractive image of the sheet upon installation.

4. Reduces the tightening of screws at the centre of the sheet by using round neoprene to secure the sheet from uneven surface.

tandard Topgal panels have UV protection on both sides.


LT – Light Transmission in % according to ASTM D-1003, measured between ribs.


SHGC – Solar Heat Gain Coefficient* is the ratio of solar heat gain through the sheet and the incident solar radiation. It takes into account all conduction, convection and radiation effects involved.




Curtain walls

Noise reduction barriers

Lighting / Illumination

Sky light / Domes

Art design

POS display stands

Interior decoration




Features and Bene?ts


Highly transparent, 92% light transmission

Low haze <1%

Hard surface

Excellent colour stability

10 year limited warranty

Superior weather resistance

Easily thermoformed and machined

Easily solvent bonded

Cold curving capability

Features and Bene?ts


Less than half the weight of glass

100% Recyclable

No carcinogenic or hazardous substances

REACH certi?cation

Food approved

Environmentally friendly

Non toxics fumes emitted in ?re

Fires can be easily extinguished with water

Easily polished and reshaped

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