For the common people, polycarbonate (referred to as PC) is a strange term, but if you mention the products made with it as raw materials, everyone is no stranger: computer, mobile phone case, pure bucket, riot shield... involving life and work All aspects of the product, the raw materials are polycarbonate.

In Ningbo Zhetie Dafeng Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhetie Dafeng), it has the first set of domestic large-scale polycarbonate equipment, which marks a major breakthrough in China's polycarbonate technology, and has rewritten domestically without 10,000 tons. The history of autonomous industrialization of such devices.

Green production breaks monopoly

“When the first batch of PC products were produced, the experts couldn’t believe it. They sighed: ‘You really produced it!’” In the past, Zhou Yuzhen, manager of Zhetie Gale Comprehensive Management Department, was still very excited. In the small product museum in the factory, she tapped the seemingly ordinary plastic pot and said: "Look, this basin can withstand 200 pounds, 100 degrees of boiling water can be poured into it."

This magical material is called polycarbonate. It is the largest growing material in the five major specialty resins for chemical new materials. It is widely used in automobiles because of its excellent electrical insulation, stability, corrosion resistance, heat and cold resistance. Manufacturing, medical equipment, building materials, space shuttles and other fields.

China is the fastest growing demand for polycarbonate, with demand growing at an annual rate of 8% to 12%. However, prior to this, international polycarbonate technology was mainly concentrated in multinational chemical companies. Due to the high production technology threshold and the strict control of foreign companies, the domestic polycarbonate plant production is mostly invested by foreign companies or Sino-foreign joint ventures. About 30% of imports.

Although some domestic companies have already launched polycarbonate projects, they are unable to compete with foreign products due to their small scale, backward technology, poor product quality and high production costs.

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Under such circumstances, Zhejiang's “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” has identified polycarbonate as one of the seven major industrial chains that the petrochemical industry has focused on.

“Zhejiang Dafeng” annual production of 100,000 tons of polycarbonate project, in the implementation of a “Chinese and foreign joint design, system integration, international procurement of key equipment, and gradually increase the localization rate of equipment” development model, that is, in the optimized combination of domestic On the basis of external advanced technology, self-made process routes to achieve integrated innovation. Not only has the product quality reached the level of the world's leading enterprises, but the installation and process have independent intellectual property rights, breaking the monopoly of foreign industry giants.

More importantly, the polyPC resin produced by Zhetie Dafeng uses the most advanced non-phosgene melt transesterification production process in the world.

At present, Zhetie Dafeng, which has a polycarbonate engineering (technology) center, has authorized three invention patents and 41 utility model patents. Through independent research and development, its successful development of non-phosgene anti-UV PC, transparent halogen-free PC resin and halogen-free PC / ABS alloy and other series of polycarbonate products and modified products, was listed in the first batch of cities in Ningbo in 2014 Level new product trial plan.

The monopoly has broken. In the polycarbonate market, which was once monopolized by foreign chemical giants and the price has always been firm, the price has fluctuated greatly, from 20,000 yuan to one ton, down to 18,000 yuan a ton.

Pursuing a green economy

The goal of Zhetie Gale is very clear. The company will focus on making and strengthening the polycarbonate industry, and strive to become the pioneer and leader of the domestic polycarbonate industry and become an international excellent polycarbonate supplier.

From the "Eighth Five-Year Plan", China began to research and develop the polycarbonate industry, investing a lot of capital, manpower and material resources to carry out technical research. Previously, there was still no breakthrough in the domestically developed polycarbonate process technology.

The 100,000-ton non-phosgene polycarbonate production plant put into operation by “Zhejiang Dafeng” can realize the recycling of raw materials. According to reports, the overall planned capacity of this project is 300,000 tons/year. “The company adopts a green, safe, non-toxic and clean non-phosgene polycarbonate production process. The whole process non-phosgene route avoids the generation of phosgene from the source and avoids the major risks caused by its leakage to people and the environment.” Zhou Yuxi said.

From the international point of view, the polycarbonate production process mainly includes phosgene interface polycondensation method, traditional transesterification method and completely non-phosgene transesterification method. The foreign investment in the domestic investment and construction equipment adopts the first two processes, and the three wastes are discharged. And “zero pollution” is still not possible in terms of residual hazards.

“The phosgene method and the traditional transesterification process are faced with the problem of dealing with a large amount of process wastewater.” Therefore, Zhetie Gale has locked in the world's most advanced, green and environmentally friendly non-phosgene transesterification during the project planning. Process route.

Compared with the past phosgene method, it does not produce a large amount of phenol-containing wastewater, does not use highly toxic phosgene, and can consume 36,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year, truly achieving the goal of green chemical industry. The device has upgraded the industrial production level of China in this field in one fell swoop. Not only has the scale and industrialization reached the standard, but also the key indicators of the products have reached the level of similar products of the leading enterprises in the industry.

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Excellent companies are always faster than the most advanced technology

The eyes of Zhetie Gale are not only this. They soon discovered that polycarbonate products have a broad prospect for development in high value-added fields. Therefore, the company's next step should be to develop high-functionality and specialized applications, improve product grades and added value, and apply them in product applications. Compete with foreign countries.

In view of this, Zhetie Gale relies on the polycarbonate (PC) project to set up a national-level engineering center, cooperate with well-known domestic universities to develop high-value-added application fields, seek market through high-end development, and PC devices. The phenol by-products are returned to the DPC unit as raw materials, and the methanol by-products of the DPC unit are returned to the DMC unit as raw materials, which is in line with the circular economy concept.

Zhetie Gale has integrated information technology and manufacturing innovation as the main line of development. “The eco-chemical intelligent HSE integrated monitoring system, production execution system, DCS system and processing trade network supervision system have been introduced, and all aspects of the production process are strictly monitored.” According to the person in charge. Through enterprise information management, clearly grasp the production and sales process, improve the controllability of production process risks, reduce manual intervention on the production line, and finally achieve safe, stable and long-term operation of production equipment. In 2015, PC products began to be put into production and officially sold, marking a major breakthrough in China's polycarbonate process technology.

Zhetie Gale first tried, and the development brought by green manufacturing is its inexhaustible driving force. From concept innovation to technological innovation, from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry is in full swing. Like it, in the fertile soil of the Ningbo Petrochemical Development Zone, there are countless dreams, and there are countless innovations. In the future, we will not live up to the great revival of our nation!

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