Chinese name: Polycarbonate

English name: Polycarbonate

Appearance: transparent or white

Odor: Produces a pungent odor after burning

Melting point: 220~230°C

Density: 1.18-1.22 g/cm^3

Linear expansion ratio: 3.8×10^-5 cm/°C

Heat distortion temperature: 135 ° C low temperature -45 ° C

[Product properties] Colorless, transparent, heat resistant, impact resistant, good mechanical and optical properties at normal use temperatures. Resistance to weak acid, weak alkali, neutral oil but not resistant to ultraviolet light, not resistant to strong alkali.

[Applications] Electronics, building materials, automotive, aerospace, physiotherapy equipment, food packaging, optical materials, etc.

[Downstream products] 22% of the amount is used to produce solar panels, endurance panels, wave panels, hollow panels, and the like. 30% is used for PC modification in electronic appliances. At present, the mainstream modification of polycarbonate is PC/ABS alloy, light diffusion PC, PC dyeing. 15% of the amount is used for optical materials. 18% is used in the automotive industry.


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