Zhongxin.com Sichuan News, June 6th (Liu Ting) Qitianhua Group Sichuan Zhonglan Guosu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. announced at the results conference held in Chengdu on the 6th that China’s first set of independent intellectual property rights The 100,000-ton/year polycarbonate industrialization demonstration project of phosgene fusion and polycondensation proprietary technology was successfully launched.

Tan Guangjun, secretary of the party committee and chairman of Haotianhua (Group) Co., Ltd., said at the press conference that the first phase of the 100,000 tons/year polycarbonate project of Lutianhua Group was started on April 1, 2017; On January 30, 2019, the former system of diphenyl carbonate equipment successfully produced high-quality products after one-time trial and commissioning; on March 11, the system polycarbonate plant successfully produced qualified products after one test; the quality of output on May 15 Polycarbonate products. At present, the equipment is stable, safe and controlled, and the environmental protection standards are met. The various indicators of the products have reached the domestic high-quality level. The success of the project has broken through the foreign blockade of advanced technology in this field in China.

According to reports, the device uses the non-phosgene diphenyl carbonate technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chengdu Organic Chemistry Co., Ltd., and the melt transesterification polycarbonate technology of Zhonglan Chenguang Chemical Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd., independent research and development, independent innovation, is the first in China. The industrialized polycarbonate production equipment with all independent intellectual property rights is green, environmentally friendly, advanced in technology and excellent in product quality.

Wang Gongying, secretary of the Party Committee and researcher of Chengdu Organic Chemistry Co., Ltd. of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that polycarbonate has properties such as colorless, transparent, heat-resistant, impact-resistant, flame-retardant and good mechanical properties. China's polycarbonate has long relied on imports. In recent years, through the introduction of foreign technology, domestic production capacity has soared, but the current products are mainly low-end products. The newly built devices in foreign countries are basically non-phosgene methods, and some new devices in China are still phosgene methods. Under the support of the national “863” plan, scientific and technological research plan, science and technology support plan, and major industrialization technology development projects, Chengdu Organic Chemistry Co., Ltd. of the Chinese Academy of Sciences independently developed a new high-efficiency catalyst and reaction for the preparation of diphenyl carbonate from non-phosgene routes. Process enhancement technology such as separation and integration, and developed a 90,000 tons/year diphenyl carbonate technology software package.

Zhao Lan, chief engineer of Zhonglan Chenguang Chemical Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd., said that the company began to study the transesterification polycarbonate technology since the 1970s, and developed a new high-efficiency catalyst to overcome the mass transfer of viscous melt materials. A series of engineering and technical problems such as heat and high temperature, high-vacuum polymerization, and the development of 100,000 tons / year technology software package. China Chengda Engineering Co., Ltd. cooperated with all parties in the project to digest, improve, innovate and improve the first set of 90,000 tons/year diphenyl carbonate and 100,000 tons/year polycarbonate process package. The project has laid a solid foundation for the successful commissioning of the test.

The person in charge of Zhongtianhua Group Zhonglan Guosu said that Lutianhua Group will further optimize the process and develop high-end, specialized polycarbonate products to build a polycarbonate industrial chain.

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